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Hey there!

I welcome you to part two of the potential series and this week, we will talk about my personal coinage, the “Habit found Purpose”.

(If you did not see my first post last week, do check that one out as well here; https://hepenspoet.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/ten-years-ago/ )

Read on.


As I progress in my newly found epiphany, my mind’s eyes are opened to how many of us have conformed to the ‘normal’ 9-5 way of life.

When a reward is hours and hours of TV after a hard day’s work. I realize how many people will stay in this rat race without any real intention to get out. How many government and private firm employees will be in the same company handling the same position all their lives with little or no improvement.

How my very close friends, colleagues, seniors will continue to get caught in this lifestyle of paycheck to paycheck and complaints about how prices are so high nowadays, pressure at work, taxes are high, and salary is small.

How much I have been sucked in this lifestyle and mindset and have settled within myself with little money and resources thinking if I’m better off than the next person, I will be fine.


Aristotle is attributed to have said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit”. We simply are a product of habit. Who we are is a direct reflection of what we do daily.

In this vein, this blog post seeks to link a purpose with a habit. It seeks to explore the direct and compound effects of a habit and its alignment with the purpose set by any individual. In an attempt to show this, we will look at a direct case study of an application of a habit with and without a purpose and gather some usable data to make meaningful conclusions on the results we will find.

The habit found purpose is a coinage I have used to describe a new or existing habit based directly on the achievement of fulfillment of a purpose.


I have adopted several habits in my life. The easiest ones to adopt are the ones that come to me right after a power-packed seminar or motivational talk. With the purposeful words and call to action, I am most often fired up and charged to the bone right after any such speech. It all seems so doable and I wonder why I had spent so much time not doing it.

I map out a strategy with the notes I took during the motivational seminar and I find that the first few days, and in some instances, the first few hours are the best and most enjoyable and I abandon ship almost immediately after the enthusiasm created has worn off. Then I am back to normal.
I recall this one time, after listening to a ted talk on exercise, I set an alarm for 4 am. Side note …. My alarm is still labelled exercise and it rings at 4 am yet, I have never passed up on the opportunity to hit snooze. I have never gone out to jog.

My new-found or better yet never found habit was not based on any purpose. I think it was more of a feeling. Thus, it was ideally impossible to cause the new goal to align with my personal purpose. I was only romanticizing the idea of a perfect toned body with six pack abs.

Give me a few minutes to think about the abs.


Hey, I’m back now and I must confess the abs look amazing.

We have looked at a habit that is not found on any purpose and I think that even though it is not sustainable, it is a step forward because there is a clear desire to be better and reach your potential butt it is not solid enough to sustain you.

Whew, time flew by quickly and we have to end here today.

Next, we will look at a habit with a purpose as it relates to our potential and make some useful conclusions to help us live better.

I am still thinking about the abs though…

See you next Monday. 😀



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