Potential Series|What was happening in your life “Ten Years Ago”? – BLOG

There was a challenge in recent times that took over all of social media and it was called the 10 year challenge.

In this challenge, people had to post a picture of themselves ten years ago alongside a recent picture of themselves.

This threw the whole world into a frenzy of jokes, laughs, introspection and gratitude.

My own journey in this challenge began with an introspection and ended with a resolve and gratitude.

Courage man jump through the gap between hill ,Business concept

As expected everyone’s ten-year journey will definitely mark growth. This is because that is just what we do as humans, we GROW.

Captions like “thus far the Lord hath brought me”, “we have come so far”, “started from the bottom now we’re here” “hello to all my haters” were so many that they lost value for me because the indiviuals posting these memes looked like they had barely scratched the surface in the things they were and could be doing. What if they actually did/accomplished all they could have done within the last ten years?

For me the only word that kept resonating as I browsed through hundred of posts was POTENTIAL.


See, every human has been created with potential. So much potential. Funny thing is once you act on one aspect of your limitless potential it ceases to be potential because it has been accessed and acted upon.

It is true that no one can be the same after ten years but my ten-year challenge was personal and different. It was an introspection. I wondered what would happen if my current self was put in front of my younger self ten years ago, along with all my potential for an assessment and evaluation.

Would my old self be proud of how much of my potential I had realized???

And I became utterly dashed.

I was ashamed of what I had not yet accomplished. This had nothing to do with anyone else or any other societlal influence. It was a personal affair that made me realize that I had not accounted well for the last ten years I had been given.

Do not get me wrong, I have achieved a few things, but comparing to the dreams I had ten years ago, I had taken a back seat and allowed  life to literally ride me around.


For many of us the story is not so different. After all, five years from now we will have grown (whether we like it or not, our bodies will definitely grow and I hope we age beautifully 😀 ).

But a better perspective is to consider yourself now and your real potential. Then ask yourself if you’re being all you can be each day.

My call to you is to take charge of your life. Jim Rohn said “either you run the day or it runs you”. After all the will be a “running”because time never stops. Life will happen to you or you will happen to it. There have been many before you and many will come after you. It is your responsibility to suede life while you are here and demand the most out of it and it will have no choice but to give to you.

In the coming weeks, we will take a look at potential in further detail and use our influence to change the world one day at a time and in the next five years we will definitely be amazed at our progress.

See you in my next post in the potential series.

Cheers!!! 😉

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